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Burden on the healthcare system compared to pre-Covid vaccineTirana Business Park, specially built for a variety of businesses and with a key location, is increasingly enriching the range of services. In addition to small and large enterprises, which seek to be properly represented as a business in modern environments designed and adapted according to the client’s request, finally TBP comes with an innovation.In Tirana Business Park, representative offices or startups are accommodated in the co.working space, commercial spaces in the retail area, spaces for events - conferences - trainings, offices dedicated to consolidated businesses and storage spaces.

The article was previously published on page of Business Magazine Albania . You Can Browse Here no. of her.A few months ago, the * mk|hotel tirana hotel was added to the America Cell Phone Number List park, with a swimming pool for adults and children, space for barbeque, playgrounds for children, sports areas and much more.Enterprises that choose Tirana Business Park benefit from the growth of business within the facility. Security, space for entertainment and rest, restaurant, cafe, parking, maintenance service,hotel and transport service, near Tirana International Airport and Durrës Port. Within the park, businesses gain instant credibility, presence within the business community, convenience, low cost and flexibility in office expansion.

Tirana Business park zyra FlexibleAnd we want to talk a little more about flexibility. TBP brings Flex office spaces, a flexible alternative to traditional office solutions. Flexible workspace is known as shared office space. This type of office space is equipped with basic tools, such as telephone lines, desks and chairs.TBP representatives indicate that they receive various questions about change management every day. Each change situation is considered and analyzed individually by them. Depending on your requirements, TBP offers their services.Flex office space includes: security More space, protection from Covid- Intelligent.